Sharp Decisions Veteran Spotlight – Alexander Ramos-Montanez

In this Veteran Spotlight, allow us to introduce Alexander Ramos-Montanez, who has served since 2017 and is currently in the Army Reserves. Alex is the team lead on the Quality Assurance team with a major U.S. bank.

Let’s learn more about Alex…

Back in 2016, Alex enlisted in the Army Reserves. A few months later, in 2017, he began basic training to kick off his career in the Army. Following basic training, going into his Advanced Individual Training (A.I.T.), Alex joined 68 Charlie where he learned medical skills to become a Practical Nursing Specialist. He remained there until 2018 when he transferred to the 865th Combat Support Hospital.

Through his A.I.T. Alex was able to get his LPN license (Licensed Practical Nurse), which he says he is glad to have as a background. In 2019, Alex went into the Army reserves. After a year or so, he knew that he wanted to make some changes, and this desire for change happened to coincide with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Alex got connected with Sharp Decisions after applying for a job through LinkedIn.

Sharp Decisions gave me an opportunity that allowed me to take the next steps in my life that were necessary and beneficial to me.

— Alex Ramos-Montanez

Because Alex was seeking more flexibility in his career (as he could be called to serve at any time), looked to move to a new place, and wanted a new job, the opportunity with Sharp Decisions worked perfectly for him. Alex started working remotely in Quality Assurance for a major U.S. bank and quickly moved up to become the Team Lead after only one month!  

Alex reviews calls for fraud claims to ensure that claims agents are carrying out procedures and assisting customers efficiently and effectively. “It was a new position and team they were creating so I was pretty excited because it meant I was needed, and the job needed to be done right.” With the uptick in cyber-attacks in recent years, Alex’s work is more important than ever.

What makes veterans essential to the civilian workforce is how they transfer their military skills to their new corporate positions. Alex says he found many attributes from his military experience transfer over, especially in this role. The attention to detail instilled as a soldier and experience being a team member showed him that you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so it is in the best interest of everyone you work with to help each other out.

Alex also found that the military prepared him for training and instructing others, which carried over into his current role being a Team Lead. Alex found himself instructing new hire classes even before he was promoted to Team lead. “Without my experience in the military, maybe I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.”  

Alex Ramos-Montanez is currently in the Army Reserves and has served since 2017. He is currently the Team Lead under the Prepaid Claims QA Review Department at a major U.S. bank.

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