Why the Email List is Timeless


October 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions
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Three Reasons Why Email is An Essential Asset in 2023

Social media has been completely upended in 2023. Between Twitter’s drastic changes under new management, Reddit users’ boycotts following new third-party rules, and the launch of several new social sites during the upheaval, your company may be struggling to maintain a reliable following across platforms.

The solution to this drastic change in the social internet may surprise you, but the answer has been in front of you all along: Email. Building and maintaining an internal email list is essential as the social media landscape continues to be unpredictable. An email list provides direct and consistent communication with your followers, regardless of social media turmoil.

Here are three reasons why you should focus on building your email list in 2023:

Email Lists are Forever

Unlike social media platforms, which can undergo significant changes or even disappear over time, an email list remains a long-term, reliable asset that a company can nurture and grow independently. Most people do not abandon their email addresses over time, whereas social media accounts come and go.

Social media sites, on the other hand, may not always be effective ways to stay in contact with consumers or followers. Sites like LinkedIn are geared for the professional and remain safe for that specific use, but other sites have come and gone – along with your followers.

Own Your Data

Perhaps the most important part of maintaining a strong email list is the data that comes with it. Large social media followings have their benefits, but you are at the mercy of the social media site to provide you with analytics about your following. Building and maintaining an email list provides valuable data and insights into your audience’s preferences, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized content delivery.

Social Media Bots

It’s hard to know exactly how many followers on social media are bots, but Cloudflare has estimated that roughly 15% of all social media accounts are bots. Even further, a user that follows your account on a social site may not be an active, engaging follower. Typically, if a person provides their email to a company, they are interested in hearing and interacting with them – social media follows are easier and require less effort, something a bot can do very easily.

With the right protections in place for your email list sign ups, you can ensure only humans are signed up for your email list. It’s much easier to protect against email bots than it is on social media – you have no control over the website’s bot moderation.

This is why, no matter how great of a following you have, you should always continue to build your email list. If your largest following on social media suddenly disappears, you always have an email to follow up with. Maintain control of your contacts and followers – strengthen your email list in 2023.

To learn more about Sharp Decisions, get in touch with us here. For more insights, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and find job opportunities on our careers page.

To learn more about Sharp Decisions, get in touch with us here. For more insights, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and find job opportunities on our careers page.