What Women in Tech Bring to the C-Suite


October 24, 2023

Sharp Decisions
Evolving with Technology

Sharp Decisions is a recognized Women Owned Business Enterprise (W.O.B.E.) so we understand how essential it is pave the way for current and future generations of women in tech.  

Gender diversity in the tech sector has been largely unbalanced for decades. According to Statista, while 47% of the U.S. workforce is made up of women, a slim number are in tech, and even less are in C-suite roles. Here’s why that needs to change:

  1. Adding Diverse Viewpoints: With technology accelerating at a fast pace, it is imperative to stay on top of trends. Adding equal and representative female voices to the C-Suite can ensure that service offerings and technology products can truly be inclusive.

    Tip: having more women on the board increases overall performance and profit, as seen here.
  1. Closing the Tech Gap: The demand for tech workers is increasing while the supply remains consistently low. Creating a workplace that is more welcoming and empowering will give a leg up for recruiting. With a larger pool of talent to pick from, tech jobs can soon be adequately filled
  1. Paving the way: the more women who enter tech now will encourage younger women to follow. Mentoring is an important facet of career growth, and it is important that employees see people like them in managerial positions. This gives entry-level employees a “can do” attitude.

    Tip: mentoring can be an invaluable tool in teaching entry and associate-level employees how to climb the ranks.  

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