What is Industry 4.0?


May 24, 2023

Sharp Decisions

We are heading into the fourth wave of technological revolution in manufacturing. The first wave being the industrial revolution, the second being the invention of mass production and assembly lines, and the third being the implementation of computers and automation. 

According to Forbes.com, Industry 4.0 takes the computerization of manufacturing introduced in Industry 3.0 and optimizes it with artificial intelligence (AI) that runs on data and machine learning. Using modern smart technology, Industry 4.0 is already here.  

No matter the industry you are in, the analysis of data is now key to success. In addition to all that computers have done for us in the past twenty years, making huge disruptions in the way everyone conducts business, now the technology exists to analyze your business and have computers react to this information to benefit your company. 

As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows more prevalent every day, it’s clear that cars, machines, equipment, anything you can think of, will be able to digest data and provide information on how to adapt going forward. As devices become more connected to each other providing feedback in real time, it will become easier to implement automation that runs off machine learning and analyzed data. 

Sharp Decisions is here to help you meet this moment. Specializing in Digital Transformation, we can bring Industry 4.0 to your company.

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