Is 2023 the Year Bing Overtakes Google in Search?


October 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions
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Thanks to digital technology, and today’s ongoing digital transformation, the speed, and methods by which business can operate is nothing short of astonishing. One example of how the digital evolution, or perhaps revolution, is impacting business (or soon will be), is through the implementation of AI, or Artificial Intelligence.  

While AI can and is being implemented across a wide variety of business and consumer applications, from self-driving cars and drones, to smart homes, cyber security and healthcare, Microsoft has doubled down on Artificial Intelligence with its implementation of ChatGPT and AI into search querying.  

By investing billions of dollars into OpenAI, Microsoft has effectively turbocharged Bing, its search engine, with ChatGPT, and now stands to challenge the reigning kingpin of search, Google. So, should Google be worried?  According to web analytics service Statcounter, it’s too soon to know. That’s because with Google accounting for 93% of the global search-engine market, Bing has a long way to go.  

But what is certain is that Microsoft’s Bing will likely start grabbing significant market share in the important search space. In fact, at Microsoft’s recent unveiling of its AI-powered Bing, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella laid down the gauntlet by proclaiming, “The race starts today.”  

In November 2022, Open AI launched ChatGPT, and some early results show that Google may have a true competitor in AI-based search. By some early accounts, it seems Bing is off to a fast start to catch Google, which just released Bard, its own interactive chat bot that’s designed to confront the sudden dominance of ChatGPT.  

Early Reports Suggest Bing Poses a Legitimate Threat to Google.

Some industry insiders who tried the new AI-powered Bing were impressed by the larger search box, which allows the user to see all 1,000 characters of their search request. They also liked the streamlined, minimalist interface when compared to Google’s.  

In addition, insiders appreciated the personalized answers from Bing, compared to Google’s. Lastly, Bing’s tailored search suggestions were an improvement over what Google currently offers. In summary, with Bing now incorporating a powerful, well-designed chat bot in Open AI’s ChatGPT, things in AI search will undoubtedly heat up quickly.  

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