Three Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Following Layoffs


May 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions

It has been a tough six months in the tech sector for workers with hundreds of thousands of layoffs throughout the industry. As we continue into Spring 2023, it’s important to brush up on three key steps you should take on LinkedIn following a layoff to best present yourself for your next opportunity.

Update your Profile and Inform Your Network

The first step to getting back on your feet is to update your LinkedIn profile. Revisit each section of your profile to ensure your experience is reflected accurately. A helpful tip is to ensure your job description accurately describes all previous roles on your profile. It can be intimidating to think up all of the tasks and responsibilities you had – it’s also beneficial to look at similar roles at other companies to inspire your description of your previous roles.

Once your profile is updated, you will want to inform your network that you have been laid off. A quick public post to your connections is proper etiquette. Simply state that you have been laid off, are grateful for your time at your old company, and are looking for new opportunities. Be sure to include a list of your skills as well. In addition, a professional photo of you will also help with the post’s engagement! This post serves to inform your connections so they can help you in your job search with roles at their companies matching your skill set.

Set LinkedIn Job Notifications

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn – or any online job site – you want to apply for jobs that are posted most recently. An opportunity posted 30+ days ago will not provide the same chances as one posted within the past few days, for example. This is why it’s important to set job alerts. Search for the type of role you are interested in, set the location (this includes an option for remote work as well), and turn on the switch at the top of the screen to set job alerts.

From here, you can set how you want to be notified, the frequency of notifications, and if you would like to learn about other similar jobs. This is a great way to have job opportunities delivered to your inbox or LinkedIn notifications tab, freeing you up to continue your search on other websites at the same time.

Follow Companies with Opportunities

LinkedIn contains a wealth of knowledge from business-minded professionals, but if you’ve just been laid off, this information gets in the way of job opportunities filling up your feed. Find companies that regularly showcase their job opportunities, like Sharp Decisions, for another avenue to help you find a new role. At Sharp Decisions, we post regular updates on LinkedIn for workers – to find even more job opportunities, visit our careers page and get started today!

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