Three Ways to Improve Your Email Workflow


May 24, 2023

Sharp Decisions

Email is essential to most people to get information for their jobs, personal health, and many other aspects of day-to-day life. Nearly every aspect of modern work requires some back and forth by email. Sometimes email is even the heart of many jobs. There’s no getting away from using email in 2023, even if you really want to – but you can optimize your email workflow to turn down the stress of an overloaded inbox.

Here are three ways to simplify your email experience on Gmail and Outlook:

Simplify Your Inbox View

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of emails with promotions, health updates, work emails, and more all sitting in one inbox. On Gmail, you can separate your inbox by categories – Primary, Promotions, Updates, and Forums – to make sure the most important mail goes to your main inbox.

In Outlook, you can activate ‘Focused Inbox to send non-essential emails to different folders . This makes sure the most important messages are finding their way to your Focused inbox. Consider this if you regularly receive automated messages that you might not need to read.

Stop Using Your Main Email for Everything

This tip might not help you conquer your existing email troubles, but it can be a lifesaver going forward. Any time you need to make an account for a service you plan to use just once or need to provide your email for a “free” giveaway, consider having a throwaway email account just for those situations. It might sound like extra work, but it helps to prevent what you’ll need to do in our third suggestion.




The only way out is through when it comes to unsubscribing to email lists. Most people don’t realize just how many publications, newsletters, companies, and other email lists they are subscribed to. For those that use one email for everything, it’s an essential task to go through and unsubscribe from email lists that clog up their inbox.

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