Is This the Future of Password Security?


May 17, 2023

Sharp Decisions

As online cyber criminals become increasingly more brazen and sophisticated, cybersecurity likewise becomes more critical. Keeping current with ever-evolving security measures and requirements can be outright daunting. In addition, most passwords are likely not as secure as people assume. As cyber crimes continue to evolve and grow in complexity, it seems like the next frontier in password security is upon us.  

Enhanced Security Meets Enhanced Convenience

Enter passkeys, a total replacement for today’s archaic password system. This new password technology allows users to access apps and website accounts using similar methods to unlock modern cell phones. As a modern passwordless authentication technology, a passkey offers an array of benefits in online security by leveraging biometrics such as one’s fingerprint and face recognition to confirm the user’s identity.  

Password management firms such as Password1 and Dashlane are moving rapidly to advance the use of passkeys across nearly all cyber security platforms. In February, Password1 announced that users should see passkey browser support arriving in spring 2023. This dovetails with recent comments made by Password1 Chief Product Officer Steve Won, “For passkeys to be the way forward, it’s not enough for them to replace some of your passwords. They need to be able to replace all passwords – including the one you use to unlock 1Password.”  

The migration to biometric-based passkey technology appears to be sticking, as evidenced by companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. And with traditional passwords presenting a target-rich environment for phishing scams and identity theft, biometrics like Face ID or fingerprint scanners, while imperfect, nonetheless offer greater security compared to passwords, since there is no fixed “sequence” to steal or compromise.

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