How to Keep Up the Momentum and Prevent Burnout in the Workplace


October 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions
Digital Innovation Consulting

Although the productivity of American workers remains high over historical averages for the last eighteen months, companies are wondering how to maintain this productivity growth while preventing burnout. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind in when trying to stay ahead of the curb:

1.) Communicate Reasonable Expectations: In order to ensure employee performance, keep clear communication going.  

2.) Market Research for Investment: Sometimes it takes understanding what isn’t necessary to figure out what is. While productivity is increasing, so are labor costs. Companies with higher-than-average costs may consider automation, digital transformation, and realize gains on efficiency to reduce growing labor costs and to help streamline processes. No one wants to work with a company that is using outdated tech.  

3.) Consistent Commitment to Train Employees: A lot of companies will scrap or stop training employees when they are busy. Taking time to properly train employees has a positive effect on upskilling workers for the future and keeping overall engagement high.

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