How Leading Companies Stay at the Forefront of Digital Transformation


May 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions

The tech world moves quickly, but that does not mean you have to rush your digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation, the integration of technology in the work environment, is the key to progress and the reason why Sharp Decisions has evolved for over thirty years.  

We have seen digital transformation needs spike exponentially with the Covid-19 pandemic, both in supply-chain logistics and the sheer requirement to connect. The rapid shift to work-from-home and the subsequent adoption of teleconferencing led to a massive disruption in the ways employees work and goals are met.  

Good companies found a way to thrive in the pandemic, growing efficiency while transforming team workflows. For instance, the ability to integrate various components of business management (sales, inventory, accounts, etc.) into holistic process, otherwise known as enterprise resource planning (ERP), has strengthened the outlook and progress of companies.  

High-caliber companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have adopted ERP systems, and have found its way into multiple industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, tech, education.

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