Digital Transformation is not an Endgame


May 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions

Digital Transformation is not a one-and-done implementation, instead, you should be viewing it as an ongoing process of innovation to avoid falling behind your competitors.

There will always be ways to improve upon and increase efficacy of the digital attributes of your business. You began transforming your business years ago, but, you will need to keep moving forward as technology evolves. Being too attached to legacy software or methods of working may seem easier in the moment, but it could be holding you back from reaching your business’ true potential. 

While you must keep up with the times, it’s important to have purpose behind every update and transformation. Participating in innovation theater is just as harmful as not transforming your business at all. The reason behind your actions must align with customer service and deliver business value, otherwise you’re wasting time and resources.  

For example, in late 2018, Haribo (the gummy bear company) began implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but was met with a huge problem.  A lack of communication somewhere in the chain of command during the implementation of this system led to supply chain issues where they couldn’t track their inventory and raw materials leading to retail carriers being without their products for some time. This mishap in their digital transformation led to a 25% drop in sales. Upper management must be involved in making sure digital transformation aligns with the company’s business model, or you could run into the same problems Haribo did. 

When it comes to implementing digital transformation projects, you can rely on Sharp Decisions to deliver a finished product that is aligned with your business’ needs. 

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