ChatGPT Won’t Replace You


October 25, 2023

Sharp Decisions
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But Those Who Learn to Use it Will

OpenAI’s recent launch of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) app, is turbocharging cyberspace, and making a big splash with insiders with its ability to develop human-like articles, stories, computer code, and even poetry. The early feedback on AI, and more specifically, ChatGPT, has cemented expert’s predictions that it will soon become a game-changer in the workplace.  

In fact, some experts predict it will have far-reaching consequences on many careers and industries – potentially changing the way we work forever. According to Insider, the robust chatbot and related AI could be more powerful “than we ever imagined”. This has led to concern that some, if not many, job sectors could be in jeopardy as AI and ChatGPT become fine-tuned and utilized in an effort to increase corporate productivity and reduce overhead.  

Opportunity to Dual-Purpose Yourself

However, for those who learn how use it, this robust, breakthrough technology can offer some distinct advantages. That’s because as “smart” and sophisticated as the text generator is, it’s far from perfect, and tends to generate misinformation in its infancy.  

Still in its infancy, ChatGPT’s accuracy will vary from user to user. One technology critic likened ChatGPT to a toy since it lacks the ability to truly understand the complexity of human language and conversation. Should companies decide to use it, they will need experienced ChatGPT users to serve as “facilitators” or “supervisors” to ensure its accuracy and relevancy. Knowing the faults and limitations of ChatGPT and having the ability to use it in the workplace gives potential job candidates the opportunity to bring added value to the table.

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