2023 is The Year of AI


May 22, 2023

Sharp Decisions

Towards the end of 2022, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software called ChatGPT began to make its rounds on the internet. The tool, owned by OpenAI, provides answers for nearly any prompt entered into it. While some saw it as a fun application, the major players in the tech space quickly realized the potential behind AI applications.

Welcome to 2023 – the year of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is Not a Trend

Google executives declared a “code red” after seeing ChatGPT’s popularity as a potential threat to their business; they knew this wasn’t just a new trend. Microsoft, however, saw an early opportunity in OpenAI, and has been involved in a partnership with the company since 2019. Microsoft plans to invest $10 billion into OpenAI while lending supercomputing and cloud computing resources to the ChatGPT creators as well.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced it was implementing ChatGPT into Microsoft Teams (through a premium subscription) to bring AI tools to the mainstream. These tools could be making their way to your virtual or hybrid office sooner than you think.

According to Microsoft VP of Teams, Nicole Herskowitz:

“Now—more than ever—organizations need solutions to adapt to change, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Fortunately, modern tools powered by AI hold the promise to boost individual, team, and organizational-level productivity and fundamentally change how we work.”

Google’s Answer to ChatGPT

On February 6, 2023, Google announced their answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Similar to ChatGPT, Google’s new product, called Bard, is based around search querying brought to an entire new level. Instead of going to the search bar, or going to Google Search for a web page, users can ask questions directly to AI applications and receive information from the internet. How Google plans to differentiate their AI application from ChatGPT remains to be seen as of yet.

AI in 2023

ChatGPT is the fastest growing application in history, a study from CBS has found. At the time of the study, ChatGPT had only been around for two months and had amassed 100 million monthly active users in January. It took Tik Tok nine months to reach this metric, by comparison. Everyone from students to professionals are beginning to use ChatGPT to write code and essays, pitch ideas, and more. While ChatGPT is the most popular AI application in the news, there are plenty of other AI tools floating around right now as well.

There is a lot of uncertainty around AI and how it will be used – or abused. New tools are already popping up to detect whether content has been created by AI or not. 2023 is the start of many exciting opportunities to come regarding Artificial Intelligence. Given its incredible speed of adoption and implementation, this time next year could see a very different internet (and perhaps real world) than the one we have now.

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