We implement solutions for our clients that reflect the talent of our company by exploring innovative approaches to achieve success.


Our subject matter expertise spans industries for global leaders in Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government, and Media & Telecom.


Our V.E.T.S. Program utilizes proven leaders to create more efficient, cost-effective solutions and processes along the way.


25 years of finding the best fit between people and technology.

Sharp Awards

Serving our clients with the right combination of people and technology is the result of long term, worldwide relationships and an unshakable commitment to putting their interests first. It is the result of doing the right thing and valuing integrity above all.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Technology Lifecycle Consulting
  • Sharp Decisions’ V.E.T.S. Program

V.E.T.S. Testimonials & Case Studies

  • “V.E.T.S. is the kind of innovative thinking we need to bring across every industry. The toughest, most tumultuous part of the transition is when individuals are finding a new culture, figuring out a new language and new skills. When you can eliminate most of that angst with teams of three or four and equip them with relevant life skills, you’ve set them on a trajectory for success.” read more

    Former Army General John Michel Lauds Innovative V.E.T.S. Program
  • These guys come to us already trained and in teams that have already worked together. I would say that they are actually more effective than many of our college hires because they are more experienced, focused and they already know exactly what they need to learn. Bringing on a new squad was the easiest business decision I ever made. read more

    Freddie Mac VP Tim Snyder Lauds Work of V.E.T.S. Program Squads
  • Specifically, the V.E.T.S. team demonstrates dedication, attention to detail, and a strong desire to ‘get it right’ in all of their work. These traits are hard to find in the workplace; however, through our relationship with Sharp Decisions, we are able to access these high quality resources. read more

    EmblemHealth Impressed with Work of V.E.T.S Program Squads


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