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As a best-in-class talent solutions and consulting firm, Sharp Decisions provides the strategic guidance and talent resources that are critical for success. We are tackling some of the biggest technological challenges of our time, and we offer innovative solutions for nearly any client need. Learn more about our core service offerings below.





Staying one step ahead in today’s day and age is more important yet more difficult than ever. Advancements in technology have made our lives significantly more comfortable, yet they have opened the door to constant global security risks. Companies who are quick to adapt to new technological innovations are the ones who are best positioned for success. At Sharp Decisions, we work with the best and brightest minds, from both the civilian workforce as well as the military, to help our clients realize forward-thinking and innovative solutions. In particular, clients come to us for help with:

Our consultants are well-versed on the latest advancements within technology, science, financial services, and more. They understand regulatory issues as well as business process issues to help clients achieve the highest levels of efficiency and results.

Advancements in technology happen within minutes, not days. Operating at the pace of innovation is what we do best, and our team is equipped to handle issues as they happen.

We help our clients develop innovative ways to operate as efficiently as successfully as possible. With Sharp Decisions, we offer teams of dedicated experts who have handled organizational and governance challenges for companies and institutions across the world.


For more than 25 years, Sharp Decisions has provided a variety of companies with experienced talent that can be deployed for both short and long term assignments. We conduct an extensive vetting process to ensure that the talent we provide to clients is deeply knowledgeable and highly capable. Understanding the latest technology needs and putting the right team in place to solve client challenges is what we do best.

Clients come to us because we can assemble the critical mass of talent needed to meet the challenges of nearly any organization. We have highly-vetted staff that are ready to be deployed, and no project is too large, too specialized, or too complex. Our talent solutions services include all phases of product application and development, project management and implementation, quality assurance, cloud architecture, and more, which has made us a leading provider to major organizations and government agencies.

We stand ready to drive innovation, manage high-priority initiatives, and meet critical skill gaps. We deliver on every project, every promise, every time.


Vocation, Education, and Training for Service members

The U.S. Military offers the most comprehensive training program in the world. Military service personnel develop deep skills in teamwork, operational excellence, innovation and intelligence, and more. Unfortunately, too often many veterans who leave the military do not enter career opportunities where these skills can be continuously built upon and used in a civilian capacity. At Sharp Decisions, we have created a new and proprietary approach for providing meaningful employment to our veterans. The skills they have learned are in steep demand and we are proud to work with the accomplished men and women in our armed forces to bring their expertise to our clients.