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February 2013

5 Ways To Make Yourself More Marketable

The job market can sometimes seem like a windswept wasteland and the prospect of...

tiberadmin February 26, 2013

ISR (Interview Stress Reduction): Don’t Enter an Interview without these 3 Things

In high school, we took SATs and ACTs to gain college admittance. In college,...

tiberadmin February 21, 2013

Hiring DIY: Why You Should Leave It to the Specialists

Business is all about profit. As a business, Sharp Decisions understands the need to...

tiberadmin February 15, 2013

VoiceMail Greetings to Cinch Your Unemployment

Let me tell you a story. Please, just indulge me. It opens in the...

tiberadmin February 7, 2013

Sharp Decision’s Thank-You Letter Tips (You’re Welcome)

Working in the recruiting business, one quickly learns that each seemingly small detail can...

tiberadmin February 5, 2013