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Sharp Decisions’ 2012 Summer Intern Class Learns on the Job

We welcomed our summer interns the first week in June, and they truly hit the ground running. Under the direction of Sharp Decisions Senior Recruiter, Tim Carr, and Marketing & Communications Director, Jim Saxa, they were immersed in the wonderful world of technology and finance recruiting — getting involved in many of our day-to-day operations including candidate sourcing, phone interviews, database searches, interview preps, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and even a crash course in basic finance concepts.

The team even sourced, vetted and interviewed (in person) over 250 candidates for entry-level roles, while making over 1,500 phone calls — an impressive feat for even the most seasoned recruitment professionals. They proved exceptionally adept at executing error-free afternoon Starbucks order fulfillment and delivery (an essential part of any self-respecting work-study).

The eight-week program just came to a close, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to host such an intelligent and motivated group of young people. We look forward to expanding our internship program opportunities in the coming months and years.

Clockwise from bottom left: Carl Nilsmo (Villanova), Lindsay Mittler (University of Delaware), Anika Haher ( Susquehanna University), Gabriela Fusco (St. Thomas Aquinas College)