Real People, Real Solutions

Whether we are sourcing resources from our broad pool of exceptionally talented consultants or providing highly trained and disciplined armed forces veterans from our V.E.T.S.™ Program, we do the heavy lifting and due-diligence. We offer the best talent and solutions for our clients. This is why Sharp Decisions is one of the few firms routinely on the most recognized and respected companies’ short list of go-to technology solution providers. And we are not afraid to try new approaches or change the way we do business to achieve our clients’ goals.

Integrity counts; it is what opens doors to new relationships and is the cornerstone upon which long-term relationships are built. Our word is our bond and we know our reputation is only as good as our customers’ most recent experience with us.

At Sharp Decisions, our strong relationships with our clients allow us to better understand their business challenges to deliver the best solutions. More than just technology experts, our consultants are relentless in finding new and innovative ways to help them succeed by delivering on…Every Promise, Every Project, Every Time.

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A Record of Success

Over our 25+ years in business, we have grown and cultivated a deep and diverse pool of business and technology experts that are recognized as among the top in their fields. From financial services and healthcare to manufacturing, government and media & telecom, our people possess an exceptional level of subject matter expertise and relevant, up-to-date skills.

Sharp Decisions offers customers something that many firms in our space cannot: stability. Throughout our existence, our customers have repeatedly relied on us for a steady stream of highly experienced and knowledgeable candidates to support their most pressing projects. And they know we will be here in the future too, continuing to provide the best-fit and best quality/value equation.

We also have a proven track record of finding overlooked solutions, sometimes halfway across the globe, and often in a matter of days. They also bring with them leadership capabilities and a wealth of experience in working seamlessly within a variety of corporate cultures and environments, allowing them to be an extension of your workforce.

Our V.E.T.S. Program

(Vocation, Education and Training for Service Members)

Our V.E.T.S. Program has filled the void as Sharp Decisions’ newest way to continue providing our clients with the best talent and solutions – as we’ve been committed to doing for more than 25 years.

The program has broken the mold for veterans’ employment efforts by making platoon-based training and deployments central to our program’s mission. V.E.T.S. provides boot camp-like, client-tailored corporate technology training to tech-savvy transitioning and industry-experienced veterans, supplementing their existing industry skills with specific, hands-on training to meet client needs. Once training is complete, veterans are deployed as Sharp Decisions employees to clients in squads of three or more, emulating the unit-based culture in which service members thrive in the military.

As our program continues to excel, our capabilities continue to grow. Starting with Quality Assurance, Software Testing and User Acceptance Testing, our success has enabled us to branch out into:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Security

Our veterans are fully salaried/benefited employees throughout the entire boot camp-like, project oriented technology training. We operate our program without any government assistance and do not touch the veterans’ GI Bill benefits.

This unique squad method has resulted in every V.E.T.S.-only project being completed on time or ahead of schedule and on or below budget; however, veterans are capable of working on various projects and can work on separate teams.

It’s a win-win-win situation: our clients get disciplined, highly trained, team-oriented and cost-effective resources; our veterans get an opportunity for unlimited professional growth and accomplishment, and Sharp Decisions gets the satisfaction of knowing we’re doing the right thing for our clients, community and country.