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“The individuals in the program and their accomplishments at EmblemHealth have far exceeded our expectations. Specifically, the V.E.T.S. team demonstrates dedication, attention to detail, and a strong desire to ‘get it right’ in all of their work. These traits are hard to find in the workplace.” Tom MacMillan, Vice President at EmblemHealth

In order to help our clients better adapt to changing technology talent needs, we had an insight that no other firm in our industry had: technology talent of the highest caliber was coming out of the military. Highly-skilled veterans, capable of servicing the most important technology work, had the potential to produce exceptional results for the world’s leading companies.

To harness this talent, we created the industry-first V.E.T.S.™ Program in 2013 to provide our clients with exceptional solutions from highly-skilled veteran talent. Vocation, Education and Training for Service members (V.E.T.S.) provides training and deployment to clients in skill categories such as:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Assessments
  • Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • DevOps



The U.S. military has a reputation for excellence in nearly everything it does: from training, teamwork and operational excellence to intelligence, innovation and speed.

Service members have been responsible for understanding, operating and maintaining some of the most complex systems and technologies in existence today. They are also entrusted with interpreting and responding to the most sensitive military intelligence.

For our corporate clients, this translates to veteran resources who are able to work under pressure, prioritize the needs of the team, communicate directly, and review and evaluate their work to achieve continuous improvement.

Additionally, the military’s trademark ability to work as a cohesive team to learn and adapt to circumstances on the fly efficiently is one of the most significant challenges for companies today, making veterans uniquely equipped to contribute to American business.


U.S. companies have been relying on 85,000 new H-1B visas each year to meet their business needs. Under Federal regulations currently being considered, businesses would need to hire American first, and if they recruit foreign workers, priority would be given to the most highly paid.

In this quickly transforming political and economic landscape, military veterans enable American businesses to access a new source of highly trained talent for important technology roles.

“I’ve had good experiences with V.E.T.S. Program veterans. They offer transparency, commitment, and good work ethic under pressure.” – Chris Pattinson, VP of Global Software at Harmonic


NBC Highlights Valuable Freddie Mac-V.E.T.S. Program Partnership

Sharp Decisions hires, trains and deploys veterans to our Fortune 1000 clients, often in teams of three or more to drive much greater efficiency for client engagements. This teamwork mentality is fostered inside our platoon-based training programs conducted at our own Sharp University. V.E.T.S. participants are trained for specific client assignments and cultures, so they are able to assimilate quickly and provide immediate results.

V.E.T.S. participants are fully salaried employees throughout the entire boot camp training. We operate our training and deployment program without any government assistance and do not touch the veterans’ G.I. Bill benefits.

We give as much thought and care to planning, support, deployment and follow up as we do to the engagement itself. Approaching engagements with the right resources, training, tools and support infrastructure is our standard operating procedure. This attention to detail allows our veterans to hit the ground running from Day One of our client engagements.


In its four-year existence, hundreds of veterans from our program have worked on a wide variety of client technology projects in industries ranging from manufacturing, media & telecomm, healthcare, financial services, entertainment and more. They bring a track record for completing critical projects on time and under budget while maintaining paramount quality and performance excellence.

As a result, our clients recognize that our V.E.T.S. Program talent is better trained, better equipped, team-oriented and always focused on results.

“The V.E.T.S. teams are more experienced and focused than our other hires and come to us in teams that have already worked together. Bringing them on was the best business decision I ever made.” – Tim Snyder, VP & Business Technology Officer, Freddie Mac, Desert Storm Navy veteran

We invite you to learn more about how the V.E.T.S. Program can meet your technology talent needs.

To find out more about how to partner with the V.E.T.S. Program, contact us at: +1 (866) 357-9VET or vetinfo@sharpdecisions.com.

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