Our Strategic Consulting Services deliver the insight, experience and expertise you need to tackle your most pressing technology challenges. Utilizing skills and combined expertise from consultants throughout our corporation, Sharp Decisions offers versatility enabling us to respond to changing needs effectively and efficiently understanding that every client, every industry and project has its unique requirements and style.

In 1990, we began by providing strategic consultative services to the Financial Services industry, and have since migrated to many other industry sectors. This industry migration has gained momentum as we rolled out new technology services strategies employing military veterans. Veterans’ unique skill set fits directly with the needs of the technology industry because they have experience working on the world’s most advanced technology through their military service.

Sharp Decisions believes in building partnerships to offer the best service. We develop the best possible solution for each client, consistently exceeding expectations with integrity, commitment, flexibility, and total accountability.

Whether we are sourcing resources from our broad pool of exceptionally talented consultants or providing highly trained and disciplined armed forces veterans from our V.E.T.S. Program, we do the heavy lifting and our due-diligence. We offer the best talent and solutions for our clients because our people have a proven track record of finding overlooked solutions, sometimes halfway across the globe, and often in a matter of days.

We have an impeccable track record of more than 25 years in supplying stand out Subject Matter Experts and Business Experts for all your strategic technology needs all the way from strategy, planning and execution as well as with all your strategic business operation needs. Sharp Decisions provides expert Strategic Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Subject Matter Experts in Regulatory issues or Business Process issues from an efficiency and innovation standpoint
  • Technology Strategy – strategy, planning and execution
  • Subject Matter Experts in Architecture, Industry Best Practices, Make vs. Buy Decisions, Vendor Analysis
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Governance & Compliance

We stay at the forefront of standards development and implementation of PMO methodologies. With the increased focus on regulatory compliance and audit standards, Sharp Decisions readily provides assessment, development, and implementation services for PMO or Project Management related methods.

This unparalleled experience is what enables us to continue to find innovative solutions to help our clients deliver on…Every Promise, Every Project, Every Time.



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