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We understand the complexities and competitive nature of an industry that must meet both stringent regulations required by government entities, as well as the service demands of their consumer and commercial customers. Sharp Decisions has been, and continues to be a preferred technology partner to energy and utility companies across the United States

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Success Story

Success Story: Water Utility

Knowledge Management Solution

A government water authority was faced with the challenge of managing a large number of paper contract documents, some of which had been in force for several decades. Contracts had to be pulled frequently for revisions and amendments, and administrators were overwhelmed trying to track, retrieve, and apply updated information. These documents required significant space and administrative resources, while exposing the organization to data loss risks through clerical error or destruction.

Sharp Decisions performed a four-month feasibility study to gather requirements and perform a vendor search to find the most appropriate document flow and imaging solutions. At the end of this phase, we provided the utility with requirements and was issued an additional contract to purchase, integrate, and implement the appropriate hardware and software systems.

The new system provided image capture, indexing, and storage, allowing utility employees to retrieve images from the system, route them to other users, and update contract files with new documents or revisions, images, reports, and other related materials. The new electronic files were also backed up to a secure offsite facility. As part of this effort, we scanned approximately 250,000 pages of historical contract data and indexed all files to make searches easy and intuitive.

Our client now has a clean, efficient contract management system that eliminates filing errors and greatly reduces staff effort to maintain contract data. They were also able to reduce staff size, office square footage, and equipment required to maintain paper files.