Hiring DIY: Why You Should Leave It to the Specialists

As a business, Sharp Decisions understands the need to make cost effective decisions. So, when a hiring manager is hesitant—or downright adverse—about hiring a recruiting company because of the price, we understand. But, we’d also like to state our case, which is this: despite the price, recruiting companies are, in the long run, an economical solution to hiring.

Tailoring Your Resume to Accentuate Your Assets

You wouldn’t wear an old frumpy suit into an interview, so why wouldn’t you customize your resume so that it fits the job to which you are applying and accentuates your assets in all the right places? Show off your most professional and polished self, while highlighting all the reasons that you are the ideal candidate for this particular role. In what follows, Sharp Decisions shows you how.

Fatal Phone Flaws

We all know how important the resume, cover letter, and interview are in landing that ideal job, but we often neglect the significance of those brief e-mails and phone conversations we exchange with potential employers. Before overlooking the role correspondence plays in the hiring process, Sharp Decisions has a few pieces of advice for you to consider.